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Independent Fees

On this page, you will be able to find all the costs for any Private treatments here at Boston Dental Centre. We take pride in providing you with a detailed and bespoke treatment plan based on your dentist’s recommendations. However, we will always speak openly with you about potential treatments and consider your financial budget and medical needs so that you have no added worries. We take pride in our diagnostics and treatment planning and as such our initial quotes rarely change. If a quote did need to change due to unforeseen dental circumstances, it would be thoroughly discussed with the patient.

We aim to make sure everyone can have access to excellent dentistry so please get in touch for a consultation and we would be delighted to welcome you to our state-of-the-art dental clinic.

Private treatments Prices
New patient exam adult( not attended before) £70
Recall exam adult £54
Child dental exam £43
Child Emergency Appointment £43
Child dental Fillings  £54
Child Extractions  £43.00
Emergency Adult Appointment  £54
Emergency Therapist appointment  £54
Hygienist Visit £64
Hygienist Visit Air Polish ( for non regular attendees)  £100
Dentist basic scaling £48
Dentist Perio Scaling £64
Perio scaling & RSD From £64.00 per quadrant 
Tooth Whitening – Polanight  375
Tooth Whitening  – Polalight 160
Whitening refill syringes x 5 (only available to purchase on prescription of dentist)  £107.00
Upper and lower full denture acrylic £1177.00
Full acrylic denture – 1 denture upper OR lower £588.00
Upper and lower partial dentures £1070.00
Partial Acrylic denture – upper OR lower £540.00
Chrome Denture – upper OR lower £910.00
Bridge ( fee per unit) From £535.00
Amalgam Fillings  From £80.00
Consultation of dental filling & tooth repair ( cons only) £37.50
Small Composite filling 1 surface £80.00
Medium Composite Filling 2 surfaces £102.00
Large Composite Filling  3 surfaces £128.50
GI Filling – Temp use) £48.00
Medium & Large GI Filling  (core build up /long term fill) £70.00
Sports mouth Guard/Gumshield £160.00
Bruxism mouth Guard(nightguard) £214.00
Fissure sealants £37.50
Small X-Ray £11.00
Crown or Bridge  porcelain bonded(per unit)  From £430.00
Zirconia/EMAX Crown £695.00
Porcelain Veneer (per unit)  £588.00
EMAX Veneer £695.00
Inlay/Onlay  £482.00
Root Canal Consultation £37.50
Root canal Treatment (Incisors) £430.00
Root canal Treatment (Premolars) £482.00
Root canal Treatment (Molars) £588.00
Extractions  (anterior) £86.00
Extractions  (posterior) £128.00
Extraction ( surgical) £160.00
Extractions (Surgical with root division) £192.00
Wisdom tooth Extraction (Simple) £128.00
Wisdom tooth extraction ( Difficult)  £192.00
Implant Consultation £37.50
Implants £2675.00
Bone Graft £535.00
Dermal Fillers/wrinkle reduction consultation £37.50
Dermal Fillers  From £400.00
Dermal Fillers Lips From £400.00
Wrinkle Reduction(botulinum toxin Injections) From £300.00
Free Invisalign Consultation £20.00 Deposit refundable on attendance
Invisalign First Stage £300
Invisalgn Go express Single £1,200
Invisalign Go Express Double £1600.00
Invisalign Go Single £2250.00
Invisalign Go Double £4500.00
Invisalign Go Plus Single Arch £3500.00
Invisalign Go Plus Double Arch £4500.00


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