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A vast majority of teeth are lost due to the effects of gum disease and research has shown that early diagnosis and efficient treatment will help resolve the problem. The two most common diseases can be minimized by thorough oral cleaning. These are dental cavities or decay and periodontal or gum disease. They are both caused by plaque ,a bacteria which is allowed to build up. This is what we are brushing away when we clean our teeth. It is when areas of plaque are left that problems begin. To help you achieve and maintain optimal dental health the hygienist provides thorough teeth cleaning, dental health education and oral health advice.

The hygienist is specially trained in the prevention of periodontal disease and dental cavities. They aim to re-educate patients with regards to the use of toothbrushes, electronic aids, dental floss and inter-dental brushes. They carefully examine and chart your teeth and gums noting in particular: inflammation, bleeding, swelling and the presence of plaque and calculus. All the plaque and surface stains will be removed by gentle scraping and polishing.

Patients who have dental treatment such as crowns, bridgework, orthodontic treatment or even implants require special care and attention and often require aids such as superfloss or mini interdental brushes which are essential to get the best look and longevity from them. These can be expensive so a little time and effort is worthwhile. These aids are sometimes difficult to master so you will be shown how best to use them and a personal hygiene plan by your hygienist will be given.

Our Hygienist Gemma Clarke is experienced hygienist which allows us to offer comprehensive care for our patients. A generalised Scale and Polish is available to NHS patients under Band 1, however, where the treatment required is more than just a ‘quick clean’ you will be given the choice to either have the treatment under Band 2 or see be referred to the hygienist who is specifically trained in the area for £55.