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Dr Leyla Amini 

GDC number 72458 

Dr Amini is an owner and director and Principle Dentist in Boston Dental Centre Since 2006. Dr Amini is qualified in Gothenburg University in Sweden and  has more than 30 Years of active Dental Experience.


Dr Mansourhe Tavasoli

GDC Number 71554

Dr Tavasoli is an owner and director and Principle Dentist in Boston Dental Center Since 2009. Dr Tavasoli is qualified in Gothenburg University in Sweden and has more than 30 Years of active Dental Experience. Dr Tavasoli is halve time active general dentist in Boston Dental Centre.


Dr Anand Subramanian

Registration number 109132

Following his qualification at the University of Bombay in 1996 Anand went on to practice in his own dental clinic in Mumbai from 2000 to 2007. Anand has worked at Boston Dental Clinic since his relocation to Boston Dental Centre in July 2007. Dr Subramanian has not only 25 years experience in dentistry  but also recent qualification in Endodontist and BDS qualifications Mumbai 1997


Dr Premalatha Basavarajaiah

GDC number 141138

Dr Premalatha is simply a great dentist and has more than 33 years of active dental experience and carries out  Sedation, complex Implantation and many other areas. With 33 years of experience Dr Basavarajaiah provides simple and Complex Implants , Invisalign,  and many other treatments only under private Dentistry.


Dr Andreas Pavlou

GDC number 252054

Dr Andreas is simply a great and experienced dentist and he has more than 29 years of experience in all areas in dentistry. Dr Pavlou has a great outgoing personality and everybody simply loves him.


Dr Munavar Hussain

GDC number 104919

Dr Hussain has 15 years background of Postgraduate research in microbiology and PHD from University of London and got his Dental Degree (BDSc) from University of Melbourne, Australia and also a two years course in Implantology from Griffith University, Australia and another MSc in Aesthetic Medicine from Queen Mary University of London with 23 years Dentistry experience, Dr Hussain has huge Director and been Principal Dentist with his own surgeries in Australia and in Boston Dental Centre carry on Private dentistry mostly complex extractions, emergency and General Dentistry on private basis.


Therapist Mukund Raghunath Nair

GDC number 306688

As a Dentist in India Mr Nair has 6 years experience in the clinical field , General Dentistry and patient management also Completed Masters in Oral Pathology and Microbiology from Coventry University. Mr Nair has many Certificates of Merits  one of the is Best out going Post Graduate Student in Oral Pathology and Microbiology. In UK Mr Nair provides a range of treatments for NHS patients, such as: – Scaling and polishing – Applying materials to teeth such as fluoride and fissure sealants – Taking dental x-rays – Taking impressions of teeth – Undertaking routine dental fixes of baby and permanent teeth – Putting in crowns – Extracting teeth Dental therapists can also develop additional skills such as carrying out tooth whitening and removing sutures. Also Mr Nair provides Private treatments as hygienist and therapist.