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Implant Videos

ImplantA missing front tooth.
A hole is prepared in the jaw bone in stages.
An Implant is fitted …
… and a healing cap inserted.
When the Implant has healed, the healing cap is exposed …
… and an abutment insrted.
A crown is then fited to the abutment.

Implants with bar

A number of Implants may be used to secure a lower denture.
A hole is made in the jaw bone for each Implant.
The Implant is positioned and a Healing Cap applied.
The gum is replaced while the bone recovers.
Access to the Implant is made and the second part of the Implant is attached.
The bars are attached …
… and tiny magnets in the denture then keep it securely in place.
Implant MaintenanceFollowing the placement of an implant …
… it is important to keep the surrounding area clean.
Use a 45 degree angle as the standard brushing technique.
Use plastic coated interdental brushes for safe effective plaque removal.
Tightly floss approximal surfaces and implants.
Ensure all surfaces are clean.
Adapt floss/tape for teeth and gums.